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Afternoon Facebook how are you doing?

So just a little video today, a little bit about our journey and how we’re really ramping it up now in our Beginners Fitness Centre. A beautiful sunny day here today in Mandurah, this is where we’re located, Level 1, 56 Reserve Drive, right next to Ellie’s Cafe and we are above Bust-A-Burbee. So if anyone’s ever looking for us, that’s where we are, Level 1, 56, upstairs inside with Ellie’s Cafe there.

Busy day today, taking on some more staff in the office, got some admin team being brought in today. We’re actually keeping it a bit more in-house actually by letting some of the personal trainers get in on the admin work now, as we’ve been growing quite significantly now. We’ve gone up from one client, up to up to 278 clients, within the last two years, so it’s been a it’s been a massive journey for Feel Good Fitness Beginners and it’s really been just building each and every single day at the moment taking on quite a few clients and I suppose it’s the good weather that brings a lot more people out, obviously, blue sky, sunshine, people are thinking about getting outside a bit more, being a bit more active in their exercise that they’re going to do and being a bit more proactive at it.

But we know as a company here, there’s a lot of people out there that really struggle with the element of exercise. They really struggle with the element of actually taking that first step – can be very daunting. You know, you’re not feeling the best in yourself, you’re feeling out of shape, not feeling confident, you know – it can be a challenge. Hence the reason we set up a little beginner centre, helping these people come together in a little community that’s really actually benefiting them wholly by mixing with other people in the same beginner’s fitness level, you know. So, going from that one client up to 278 within two years – how has it been possible? Now let me tell you one thing, we’ve got a team of seven people – we’ve got five personal trainers, me and my wife included, and again we’ve taken on more admin staff at the moment as well to help with the workload we’ve got. So for me personally it’s just finding the right members of the team, finding the right people that can really help our beginners out there and actually making sure that the clients are looked after.

It’s a very simple process and it’s been a process that has gone on for the last two years and clients have gained massive benefits from it and really feeling the difference now having somewhere they can come and they can actually feel comfortable that they can actually exercise somewhere they don’t feel intimidated, don’t feel judged, they do not feel that they need to prove themselves to anyone. That’s a big thing. You know they don’t have to prove anything, they’re coming in, they’re just coming in to exercise, make some friends and enjoy themselves.

We’re going to have a little rundown now, we’re gonna have a little walk upstairs and actually have a chat with Hayley and Kelly, just to say a quick hello. The girls are very busy up there at the moment, so up the stairs in here. This is our little office here for anyone that doesn’t know, in the office here. Hello girls!

I’m doing a live video on Feel Good Fitness. I’m just telling them about how we’ve grown so much. We’re taking on Kelly now in the admin and how we’ve grown from one client to 278 clients in two years. So, it’s just a case of just having a little bit of a video, just to explain that this is our little office up here. Not very tidy but this is where it is at the moment. This is where the girls are doing all their admin work. I’ve shown the outside of the building, this is our little office and I’m going to show you up the stairs now. Guys okay. All right. So, carry on working!

So that was our little office up here and then as we go up our stairs here, this is the stairs at the back, up we go, this little centre up here in the studio.

Helping people take that first step to exercise. Remember to have fun in your classes.

This is just a little bit of an insight into our little studio. Here’s our little studio in here, our trainers – that’s me up there, and Kelly and we’ve got one more trainer, we’ve taken on Tara.

So it’s a little studio, not very intimidating for people, very easy at the end of the day for people to come in. They really enjoy the training sessions and again all air conditioned and beautiful, very relaxing! Comfortable for our clients.

Very pleased with the progress over the last two years and again as I’ve been saying to you, me and Hayley, when we started up very, very passionate about health and fitness and something that we’d seen was very overlooked in the Mandurah area, something that was overlooked in the whole health and fitness industry to be honest to you, and to be fair there’s not a lot of other people specialising in what we’re doing out there. So for me and Hayley, this has been a breath of fresh air to the clients that we’ve got on here, who really have found somewhere that’s made a difference to them and actually can call it home now and actually come to exercise three, four, five times a week and actually have changed their life for exercise, both mentally and physically guys not just physically.

It’s all about mental and physical health, okay guys, so just to give you a little rundown of how we operate in a day, I’ve shown you the outside of the building, shown you the girls up in the office, showing you the studio upstairs.

So I hope you enjoy this little tour around and it’s long going to continue, okay guys so have a great day and speak soon.


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