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Mandurah’s First BEGINNERS ONLY Fitness Studio

Success Stories

Find out how our BEGINNERS FITNESS members have improved their fitness and their health, both physically and mentally

Class Timetable

Let’s hit those goals! With our range of classes, you’re sure to find a time to suit your busy lifestyle.

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Get lots of health & fitness tips and inspiration for beginners to fitness along with support from our team.

Success Stories

How our members have improved their fitness and health

Class Timetable

Let’s hit those goals! Find a time to suit your busy lifestyle.

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Health & fitness tips and inpiration for beginners to fitness

Feel Good Fitness WA

Welcome To
Fitness for Beginners

We are Mandurah’s First Beginners ONLY Fitness Studio, with various programs available to help you transform your life in a safe and supportive space.

With years of experience we can guide you through that first hard step of starting to exercise, in an environment with:

  • no mirrors
  • no intimidation
  • no judgement

Whether you want to lose body fat, improve mental health, meet new friends, or just feel stronger and more energetic, we have a program that will help get you where you want to go.

There is no age limit to health and fitness – we have members from 13 years up to 85 years old. With 60% of our members being aged 50 to 85, and 40% couples and families, you will be guaranteed to feel at home.

View our success stories to see what our classes are like and what our members have to say, then book your free consultation.

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Book a consultation with head coach and manager Steve to get started on your fitness journey.

We will map out your health & fitness goals and create a manageable plan of action with specific timeframes to work towards your goals.

Getting the right support is the key to success!

Introducing Feel Good Fitness WA…

What our clients say about us…

Feel Good Fitness

Beginner Fitness Classes

Group Classes

Our Beginner Fitness group classes are friendly, supportive and fun.

Private Sessions

Our private beginner fitness sessions will target your specific needs.

Other Classes

Add some variety to spice up your routine with our range of beginner-friendly classes.

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Client Referral Program

You can earn up to $50 each time you refer a friend or family member to Feel Good Fitness WA!

*Only for existing Feel Good Fitness members. $1600 given away so far! (Ts and Cs apply)

We are so excited after so many members have brought their friends and family down to experience our beginners exercise classes that we wanted to go the extra mile to show our appreciation to our wonderful members.

Building a safe, supportive and FUN community for beginners to fitness is our vision at Feel Good Fitness, Mandurah’s first beginners only fitness specialists.

Feel Good Fitness WA Beginners Fitness Mandurah Member Referral Rewards

Customer Story

Success Stories

Feeling alone and depressed after leaving family and friends behind to move to WA, Cassie had no energy or motivation to do anything.

Now, after 14 months with Feel Good Fitness WA, Cassie says “I am feeling the best I have in over 15 years – 30 kg lighter and the smallest I have been since high school. My mind is a lot clearer, I’m stronger, I have so much more energy and now can feel proud about what I have achieved in myself.”

In the photos we see Cassie in October 2017 after being with Feel Good Fitness for 3 months, and again in August 2018 having made great progress despite having to take 3 months away from training due to a knee injury. In December 2018 we can see she is still kicking her goals, and is such an inspiration to all her fellow gym buddies!

What would Cassie say to others considering joining Feel Good Fitness?

“Take that step, and make the time to work on your better self, you wont regret it.”

Feel Good Fitness

Get Started Today

How do I get started?


Feel Good Fitness WA is dedicated to offering beginners to fitness a place where they can feel supported and encouraged to meet their personal goals and improve their health and wellness. 

All you need to do is get in touch with us today to arrange an initial consultation to discuss your goals and how we can assist with any challenges you may be facing.

We look forward to welcoming you into our friendly community, and if you have any questions be sure to check out our FAQ page.

Benefits for Beginners to Fitness



Safe and supportive space


Improve fitness and mental heath


Make new friends


Learn correct exercise techniques


Have fun while kicking your goals!