Beginners fitness classes

The support you need to start your fitness journey

Mandurah’s Beginners Fitness Specialists

Fitness Classes for Beginners

At Feel Good Fitness, our aim is to provide an environment where beginners to exercise can feel comfortable and supported, without fear of the judgment and intimidation that often comes with many ‘normal’ gyms. Our members come to us in all shapes and sizes, and most have joined us as they are sick of being made to feel inadequate in their own bodies or with their fitness levels.

By providing a safe, fun and friendly atmosphere, and specialising only in beginners to fitness, we believe the studio here at Feel Good Fitness is the best place for a beginner to start.

But don’t just take our word for it – we have many wonderful reviews from our long-time members whose lives have changed since joining the Feel Good Fitness family!

We have a range of classes available, with group classes catering for five and up to twenty members, to personal training either one-on-one or with your buddies, plus beginners boxercise classes.

Group Classes

Beginners Big Group

Our Beginners’ Big Group zone is designed for a maximum of 20 members to one trainer, enabling you to exercise with a team of fellow fitness beginners in a fun and supportive space.

During each session, our trainer will guide you through a variety of exercises which can be easily modified to suit your level, with a focus on demonstrating correct techniques to ensure maximum safety at all times.

Group Classes

Beginners Plus

This zone is for a ratio of 7 beginner fitness members to one personal trainer. This is for you if you prefer a more personalised service to help specify individual exercises to maximise results.

We have had many success stories within this zone, with some clients losing up to 40-50kg of excess weight and massively improving their mental health and wellbeing. An inspirational zone to be part of with amazing outcomes for our members.

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Personal Training

Private Sessions

Working one-on-one with your personal trainer, our beginner private sessions are suitable for those who are very shy or nervous starting out, as well as those who may need rehabilitation for specific injuries.

For those who are looking to take their training to the next level in a shorter time frame with full focus on their personal fitness goals, our personal training sessions are designed to get you there!

Group Classes

Stretching Class

Join us for a well-needed stretch.

This 30-minute class is a great opportunity to take the time to lengthen your muscles and release any built-up tension from within your body.

Stretching can help prevent injury and improve flexibility.


Book a consultation with head coach and manager Steve to get started on your fitness journey.

We will map out your health & fitness goals and create a manageable plan of action with specific timeframes to work towards your goals.

Getting the right support is the key to success!