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Mandurah's Beginners Fitness Specialists

Steve & Hayley Thompson

Why We Do What We Do

Helping Beginners to Fitness

Hi! We’re Steve and Hayley, the founders of Feel Good Fitness WA, and we’ve made it our mission to help those who are beginners to exercise to get started on their health and fitness journey.

We started this mission because we found there was a lack of support for beginners to fitness in gyms around our local area. We wanted to create a space where our main focus is on beginners, so that they no longer need to feel intimidated and fearful about starting on an exercise program.

We are Mandurah’s very first specialist in beginners-only fitness classes, operating out of a large commercial building on two floors in Reserve Drive, Mandurah. Since opening in June 2017 we now have over 250 members, many of whom have achieved amazing health benefits.

We now a number of fully qualified, friendly, passionate and knowledgeable personal trainers on our team, helping our beginners every day to build their strength and fitness with correct techniques and a wide variety of exercises. Our members become part of our Feel Good Fitness community which provides the support they need to stay motivated to achieve not only their fitness and weight loss goals, but also improve their mental health and general well-being.

Book a consultation with head coach and manager Steve to get started on your trial today.

We will map out your health & fitness goals and create a manageable plan of action with specific timeframes to work towards your goals.

Getting the right support is the key to success!

Meet the Feel Good Fitness Team

Meet the Feel Good Fitness Team


I love keeping fit and active with my family. You will always catch me outdoors seeking sun and fresh air.

I love working at Feel Good Fitness for its community vibe, and I feel privileged to be a part of everyone’s health and fitness journey.


I’ve been interested in health and fitness for a few years now, the majority of my interest revolves around nutrition, calisthenics and physiology.

Working with beginners is not only rewarding, it is all about learning for both the client and the trainer. An experience that you cannot put a price on is feeling good on the inside.


I’ve been involved in the health and fitness industry since the age of 16. My special interests are in women’s health and holistic lifestyle.

My qualifications include Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness, First Aid, TRX Trainer Level 1, Living Longer Living Stronger Instructor, FMA Strength Institute Level 3 Coach, Rucci Powerlifting Level 1, Kettlebell Level 1 Strongfirst Kettlebells, Introduction into Movement Sports Power Coach Level 1, and The Female Athlete Level 1.

I also enjoy doing Prehab and Rehab.