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From getting started to managing your membership and bookings

Getting Started FAQs

Do you have to be a member to use Feel Good Fitness services?

Although we do recommend a membership for the beginner client, we also offer casual classes which can be booked though PTminder:

All you have to do is create an account and sign up to one of our classes.

How much are your classes?

We have a wide range of prices for our classes and memberships so you can choose something to fit your specific budget.

How much is your health worth?

Is Feel Good Fitness for beginners only?

Yes, our programs are specifically designed for the beginner who may have never exercised, is returning to exercise, or feels intimidated when training in a normal gym environment.

Are there different fitness levels in the classes?

All of our programs are designed for beginners who are at the start of their health and fitness journey.

Our classes support our members as they progress at their own pace. 

How many classes do you recommend to start?

We highly recommend you attend 3 classes per week to get you into a stable routine and create a good positive habit. Any less than 3 sessions per week, if you’re not doing any other exercise, can lead to slower results and lower motivation.

Do you have a crèche?

Yes we do!

Here are the steps to enrol and some Crèche rules that we have put into place to make bookings easy and simple ?

  1. If your child hasn’t been to Feel Good Crèche before then please fill out our form to enroll them. We will then add them to your Feel Good Fitness account.
  2. In the booking app, please select your child to book them into the available Crèche sessions in the correct age group.


  • All bookings must be made online.
  • You can book up to 7 days in advance.
  • You will have up until 1:30pm the day before to cancel your booking and keep your credit.

You can find single or multiple passes in our store in Packs. Once you have purchased a pack you can start booking.

? Please note that if no bookings are made before 1:30pm the day before, the next session maybe cancelled due to staff availability.

Some children have allergies so please just water and fruit only.

Parking is available at the rear of the building and we have an entry door straight to the crèche from there.

Parents – this is not a licensed crèche, but we do follow the guidelines under the WA Department of Local Government.

What is a beginner FIFTEEN-2-ONE zone?

Find out more on our Programs page

What is a beginner FIVE-2-ONE zone?

Find out more on our Programs page

What is the best zone to start in?

This will depend on your budget, which class times suit you, your personal goals for the best results, and whether you prefer a larger group or smaller group to exercise with.

Get in touch to for a consultation and we will help you to decide which zone will best suit your needs.

Are there any age limits?

We have members from 16 years of age, with many in their 40s, 50s and upwards.

Note: all persons 16-18 must have a guardian sign a casual waiver on their behalf.

What if I have an injury or disability which effects my movement?

This depends on the level of your disability or injury – you may need more attention which will mean you might need to join the smaller group FIVE-2-ONE zone, Buddy Zone or a private session so your trainer can allow for some extra time with you.

Don’t be put off by starting an exercise program, because your personal trainer will be able to help modify exercises to suit your personal needs.

Why choose a beginners' ONLY fitness centre?

This is a very common question amongst our beginners and there are several answers, but to us, specialising in beginners to exercise allows for a much more relaxed and non-intimidating environment away from all the bodybuilders and show ponies you find at most conventional gyms that cater to all fitness levels.

By giving full attention to their needs we have been able to give even the most anxious, depressed, nervous, injured, or unfit clients hope for a new life they normally would NOT get by going to a normal gym.

Do you have a Personal Trainer running every class?

Yes, every single class on our timetable is programmed and run by a fully qualified personal trainer. Each personal trainer has a unique way of running their class and you will find you will benefit from each trainer’s approach, keeping it fun and exciting for all our existing and new beginner clients.

The most important element to us at Feel Good Fitness WA is correct exercise technique and safety for our clients. This is monitored at all times by the trainer to ensure no injuries occur and that exercises are modified to the client’s needs, along with constant motivation and encouragement. But more than likely it will be the other members in your group that will help motivate and inspire those who are new to our beginner classes, making it a pleasant and fun experience all round!

Membership & Booking FAQs

How to book into Creche

Step 1. Fill out an enrolment form –

Once we have received your enrolment we will notify you once your child has been added to your account via email.

Step 2. Manually re-log into your app. If you’re already logged in please sign out, then select sign in with another account. Manually type in your email and generic password: password (please note if you have changed your password please change it back to its generic password otherwise your accounts will become un-linked. Linked accounts must have the same email and password).

Step 3. Select the correct user. Each individual person will pop up on your account. Please select the correct user.

Step 4. Select the creche session and use the blue link below to buy pack.

Please keep in mind each individual user must have their own pack on their own account to be able to book in. Once you have chosen a pack it will ask you to pay with PayPal. Please note once you have clicked pay with PayPal there is an option to use your card as well so please follow the prompts.

Step 5. Click book class, it will ask you to use the pack you just bought.

Once all done please remember to log out, from here you will be able to switch user easily as you have already clicked remember me for each user.

Please note you have up to 1:30 pm the day before to make final bookings for the following day or to cancel out for the following day. If not cancelled out before 1:30 pm your credit will be reconciled. If no bookings have been made by 1:30 pm the day before, the session may be cancelled due to staffing.

The app will allow you to book up to 7 days in advance only.

How do you book into a class?

Class bookings can be made through our PTMinder booking system –

If you like you can watch this video to show you how to complete your booking.

Can you pay casually on the day via cash or card?

Please sign into our online booking system to book and pay for your class before attending.

How do I cancel a class and rebook? (for members)

Members can sign into our online booking system to cancel and rebook classes.

Please ensure you cancel your class prior to the start of the class, otherwise you won’t be able to rebook.

Do you have a FIFO / shift worker membership?

We have packs from 1 to 10 classes in both zones with an expiry date of 3 months from purchase date. You can then easily book in to a class online at your convenience using your pack.

We also have a flexible permanent membership available which allows you to have an ongoing direct debit membership and book in to your classes yourself according to your availability.

Can I use my membership outside of my class times?

No, as we are not a gym, we are a beginner’s personal training studio. When you join a membership you get to select the classes which you would like to have a permanent or casual place in each week.

Are there any joining fees / access card fees?

No, Feel Good Fitness have no joining fees nor access fees when you join as a member.

Can you increase or decrease your weekly sessions?

Yes – please give 7 days’ notice in writing by emailing and we will action your request.

Can you mix classes?

Yes, we have combo memberships available which we can discuss in your consultation. The price for your membership will be determined according to the specific classes you choose.

How can I suspend my membership?

To suspend your membership for up to 4 weeks each calendar year, please provide 7 days’ notice in writing to

How can I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership we require 90 days’ notice in writing to

Please note that any direct debit that falls within this time will be processed, and we cannot cancel a membership that has outstanding fees. We also cannot suspend your membership to then cancel after suspension time.

Do you have a lock in contracts?

We feel that having a cancellation policy of 90 days for our beginners allows us time to work with our clients to get them into the best possible mindset for a sustainable lifestyle change. This helps build a solid foundation for their exercise technique, while improving their mental health and giving them the best possible chance to stick to their new program and incorporate this into a new chapter of their lives permanently.

Creating a new habit takes time and is just as hard as breaking a bad habit in our eyes!

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