Beginners to Fitness – Calming Those First Day Nerves

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(video transcription…)

Good morning group! Okay, I need to get this across to people here because the type of people we are dealing with are beginners, so we’re going to be looking to help those people.

It’s not like someone who is intermediate/advanced going into a gym knowing what they’re doing. These people that are coming through to us are very anxious, they’re very nervous, they’re very unfit. There are so many emotions running through the clients that we’ve got coming into our programs, so I need to explain to you about the emotions of all of our clients leading up to that first session; leading up to walking through our front door and actually into your first session.

Now, the emotions these people have are going to be anxiety, nerves, maybe having a restless night’s sleep the night before because they’re waiting, and the anticipation that they’re having. Their palms are sweaty, they’re not sure what’s coming up. They’re not sure if they’re going to be able to do the exercises within the routine they’re going to be doing. So there are many, many things and emotions that will lead up to that first session for any of our new clients coming into our programs, because we’re not taking in people who are fit, athletic, pumped-up, muscle-bound – you know all of these people – we are not taking them in. For them to walk into a gym is nothing. But for people to walk in who have got confidence issues, anxiety issues, feelings of depression, and are generally unfit – they are going through all different emotions. They are going through so many emotions before they actually come into their first session. So, I need to help you, and to be able to put your mind at rest.

That is what we do here.

We take you, with the emotions that you have, and we bring your levels of anxiety down, we bring that level of nervousness down.

We bring all of these emotions that you have running through your body and bring you down to a point where you actually feel comfortable within the environment you are in, to know that it’s okay if you don’t keep up, it’s okay if you need to modify the exercise, it’s okay if you’ve got these feelings going through your body because everybody else has been in that situation.

Everybody out there has been in the same situation as you. Everybody, on that first session.

And the question you need to ask yourself today is – don’t be worried and scared about that first session, be worried about what’s going to happen to you in the future if you don’t start exercising, making yourself feel better in yourself and actually putting yourself forward into a healthier lifestyle. Because I know for one, I can tell you something – the older we all get, the more we need exercise. And the feelings and the fears and the emotions of what you go through leading up to your first session of exercise are going to be nothing compared to the stress and the strain of not starting exercise and how your health will deteriorate both mentally and physically if you do not start and do something now, before it’s too late and before something happens to you. You know, because unfortunately the older we get, the more wear and tear we get in our bodies both mentally and physically.

So, for you guys out there that watch these videos daily, the emotions you’ve got leading up to that first session are going to be nothing compared to the stresses and strains of not starting at all. Okay?

But you have to be aware that we’re beginners, we’re here and we understand the emotions you go through leading up to that first session. And we do everything in our power to make sure your anxieties, your nerves are all at a manageable level as soon as you walk through our front doors.

So, don’t stress about the feelings and emotions you’ve got leading up to that first session guys. All of our clients have been in the same boat as you, they’ve all been in the same boat and they’re here to help, with myself and the personal training team we’ve got, to encourage you, support you and make sure you feel as comfortable as possible.

We’ve got ya!


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