Three Simple Tips to Improve Your 2019 Health and Fitness Journey

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Afternoon group hope you’re well, just a quick little video for you out there guys and anyone that’s been following us in the group.

Three very, very, easy tips – very easy tips to follow guys, if you have not started any sort of exercise, to really make sure you implement, and you do these three things I’m telling you about today guys. These three very basic things you do, you can be well on your way to a healthier, fitter mindset, body and anything you really want to achieve with your health and fitness. So three very easy tips today that you should be doing to improve your 2019 health and fitness journey.

So number one – number one, this is very important.

Make time to exercise – actually make time to exercise and make sure you try and find the same times of the day when you exercise. You’ll get into a much better routine if you find that time of the day that suits you the best and again, everyone has a very productive time of the day. A three- or four-hour window within the day whether it’s morning or evening, you always have a best time of the day to train. So, number one is make time and try and stick with the same times where you are the most productive within that day and that’s the first thing you need to make sure and that’s a key for doing these three tips.

Second tip, this is so important. This is probably the most important of all of them.

Find something that’s fun! Find something you actually enjoy doing.

I can’t believe how many people actually fall down on this very easy tip to follow. If you don’t enjoy something, and I know so many people have tried health and fitness regimes in the past – please, it isn’t rocket science guys, listen to someone that’s been in the know for the last 24 years of doing what I love doing. If you don’t find it fun, you ain’t going to keep it up. End of! Tip two – I can’t get across to you how important that is of finding that fun guys ok.

So number one – make time, stick to the same times of the day, ok that’s so important. Two – find something you enjoy, and you find it fun.

And number three, this is probably as important as making it as fun as possible and enjoying it, is – have a great support network of people that are doing similar to you or someone that’s there helping you.

A gym partner. Over the years I’ve had so many gym partners, my training has excelled because I had a gym partner with me. Small groups of training, people love that. Being part of a sports team, a footy team, a cricket team. When you have support from other people, when you’re doing something you find fun and enjoyable, and you make the time and sacrifice your time for that activity rather than just talking about it all the time, 2019 is going to look like a different playing field to you.

2019 will look like a different playing field, when you apply them three simple rules to your health and fitness plan.

If you find something you find enjoyable, make the time for it, stick to the same times to do it, have a great support network around you. Do you know how many percent your chance of success is compared to all the times you’ve failed in the past? You’ve probably got about 80 percent chance of success when you follow those three simple tips guys.

80 percent more chance of not having another failed exercise plan, or “I’m going to start a diet next week, start an exercise plan on Monday” – don’t turn up Monday. Hate going to the gym because you don’t like the experience in there. Haven’t got any support in there. In the end you waste loads of money.

Same thing, always the same thing over and over again. It’s like you’re on repeat. How many times have you lost weight, put it on, lost weight put it on, because you haven’t found the right thing you enjoy doing? You haven’t found the right support network. I was talking to a client earlier about this. She hasn’t found the right fit for what she’s looking for. So hopefully we’ll be the right fit for her.

But you can apply this to anything within your life guys ok. You need to find it fun. Same thing with work, business. Same principle applies. If you don’t enjoy the job you’re doing, if you don’t find that business, you’re operating fun, do you think you’re going to be successful? Do you think you’re going to be happy for the rest of your life? No. Do you think that partner you’re sleeping next to, if you don’t enjoy his company or haven’t got the same values any more, do you think you’re going to spend the rest of your life together? No, you’re fooling yourself at the end of the day if you think you are gonna, coz you aren’t.

So, think about it. Apply health and fitness, the same as you would do to any other area of your life guys; apply health and fitness and the way the three tips I’ve sent you today to anything you’re doing in your life guys and I’ll tell you something you’ll be more successful than you ever, ever could imagine.

Three tips. They are so simple but so many people out there get it so wrong. Improve your chances of success by 80 percent following these three simple tips guys.

I love you all, respect you all and I’ll see you down at the fitness centre very shortly guys, adios.


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