Depression and Anxiety are Real

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You are in control of your mindset

You have a choice today to say “I no longer want to feel this way, I deserve to feel good again!” You have to give yourself love first. Know your self worth. Tell yourself everyday one thing that you love about yourself until you wake up one day loving every part of you.

Your mindset will be the thing that spins you in which ever direction you let it. Depression and anxiety can creep up on us just like that and sometimes hang around for days or weeks on end.

It can make you feel unhappy with your job, your home life, yourself; so what do we do – we turn to things like alcohol and more than likely unhealthy food because it brings us happiness for a while and numbs any pain we might have. We tend to lock ourselves away and become reclusive thinking, because we have our Facebook we’re still connected, right?

This can roll on day by day, year by year until you wake up unhealthy, completely miserable and not having any self worth; not really understanding how we got here but you know you don’t like the look of it nor the feeling. We look for the quick fixes, something that’s going to magically change everything and most likely come in a pill or detox shake, etc.

But the reality is every quick fix is going to screw you over time and time again because in life there is no quick fix to anything. So you have a choice to make: do I want to keep living my life like this, feeling like this – or make a change now.

  • Firstly you’re only human; give yourself a hug and thank yourself for deciding you’re worth it.
  • Two, stop looking for the quick fix in life, nothing good happens over night.
  • Three, feed your body the things it actually needs – make changes to your diet that can be refined along the way.

Start moving your body. It makes you feel good when you achieve anything in life so set some small goals; go for a walk everyday, get out of those four walls. Find support – find the right tribe that is going to lift you, not knock you back down. Sometimes you need to open up a bit more honestly to others about how you’re feeling and why you’re making changes. Remember, the ones that love and care for you will show their support, sometimes you have to distance yourself from the people that bring that negativity back into your life.

Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, things take time. And not everyone is going to understand your journey. You’re in control of your life today so make the right choices for you. You never know, you might even be the one to encourage another to believe in themselves.

Mrs T 
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